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HUBbub Mini-Computers....

Development Tools

HUBbub 98/99

HUBbub 78/79

TICkit Mini-Computers......

Development Tools

TICkit 83/84

TICkit 63/74

TICkit 62

TICkit 57

Peripheral Processor ICs....


RSB 509/6505

Peripheral I/O Modules.......

Smart Media Flash Drive

Seiko Graphic LCD

Lumex Graphic LCD

Logic Capture Module

RC Servo Controller

H-Bridge AMP

1.2-5V Power Supply

Alpha Serial LCD

Serial to Parallel

Board Level Devices.............

Model Rocket Altimeter

5 Point LED Star

Relay I/O Controller

6x8 LED Large Signage

Signage Matrix Controller

Instrument Display

Child's Vehicle Controller

Customizable Products.......

 Power Line Backup

Logic Analyzer

Alphatone telephone Aid

Component Shop..................

MRP Online Software .....

FWUpdate System .....


HUBbub and TICkit Development Tools

HUBbubs and TICkits require a download cable and PC software to be programmed. This software is called the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The TICkit IDE software is a Windows (10, 8, 7, 9x, 2000, XP) program consisting of an editor, compiler, assembler, and interactive debugger. You can download the full featured IDE software for FREE! However, when you use the TICkit processors commercially, we ask that you pay a modest one time registration fee. This ensures the continued refinement of the software and supports future availability.


Note, it is advisable to update your IDE software periodically as new capabilities are added regularly. Use the Download Free IDE link to update your software.


HUBbub & TICkit Development kit
Price: $35.00
(Note:  Getting Started Packages (GSP) contain the PC software and download cable. If you purchase a GSP, you have no need to buy the development kit, download the software, or buy/make a download cable.)

HUBbub & TICkit

Download cable
Price: $15.00

Download cable used to communicate between a PC serial port and the TICkit DL port. This cable can also be used as a simple TTL to RS232 interface.
Download Cable related links
Schematic Wiring Diagrams

HUBbub & TICkit Development Kit Registration
Price: $20.00
Registration for Trial Software is required when used for commercial development. Click below to read Protean's trial use policy for the IDE software.
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Trial Use Policy and EULA

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