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5 Point LED Star Product

The 5 point star project is a different type of project for Protean Logic Inc. This is not a motor controller, or temperature controller, or even a typical lighting controller.

This project, which is based upon a project by Paul Via, is more whimsical in nature. This project teaches and sharpens programming skills through a fun festive activity.

This project utilizes much of the TICkit micro-controller's capabilities to provide an exciting visual display. The display lets the programmer see the effects of changes in code and even suggests programming structure as the various components of the display (lines or points) become representations of loops or sub-routines in the code.

While having fun modifying the display and inventing new patterns, programming skills are developed and expanded in an enjoyable format. Young children enjoy the display and provide rewards and encouragement for the programmer as new methods and programming logic are learned.

This product is an extension of application note AN035. Code samples, schematics etc are available there.

YouTube Video of Star in Action

The project consists of a circuit board that is approximately 4.25 x 4.25 inches. The board has a black solder mask to make the Light pattern stand out.

The components mount on the side of the PCB that has the white component legend. There are 18 components, not counting the 60 LEDs. An unpopulated space is provided for a 16 pin jumper for the LED matrix. Also an unpopulated space is provided to add a small speaker for some sound effects if that is desired.

The 60 LEDs mount on the side without the component legend. Red diffuse LEDs are shown here. 5mm LEDs look the best, but 3mm LEDs fit best at the star points.

This star uses white LEDs, which are pretty impressive. Almost any color LED can be used. I have blue, red diffuse, green diffuse, red, and white. White LEDs are not technically diffused, but the phosphor in them makes them seem more diffused.

Assembled Star Programmer's Package Contents

  • A fully assembled and tested Star in your choice of LED color. The Star is programmed with a nice demo program so it can be used, "out of the box".
  • A wall plug power supply.
  • A CD with the complete compiler, debugger, and documentation for the TICkit controller in the Star. The source code for several samples programs and the demo program are included so that the user can learn by modifying working programs.
  • A serial download cable to connect a 9 pin serial connector on a PC to the Star. Used to download and debug your program.

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