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FWUpdater Resouce Page

The FWUpdater system is a collection of programs and standards which facilitates the transfer and loading of firmware. FWUpdater is unique in that the process of distributing firmware images is very secure. In fact, the encryption key for any given update is derived from the current firmware in the device to be updated. This convention ensures that only owners of devices can use the distributed firmware.

If you have arrived at this page in an attempt to find an update image for a device you own, click here to be taken to the Protean Secure Update database. However, most devices work with the FWUpdater program to automatically direct you to the correct update image within the database.

You can download the latest Windows based update client here. The FWUpdater client runs on a Windows PC and will need a cable that connects the device to the PC. Cables and any device drivers required by those cables are usually available from the device's manufacturer.

You can download the Linux based update client when it becomes available.

The FWUpdate System

The FWupdate system consists of many programs, resources, and overarching standards. The elements of the system are listed as follows:

  1. A boot-loader code fragment to be included in the firmware of every device which implements the FWUpdater strategy.
  2. A freely available program which is downloaded and installed on a Windows or Linux PC.
  3. A collection of update image files called "protean secure updates" or .PSU files. This collection may be maintained by the device manufacturer, an association which supports the devices. Physically, these files can reside virtually anywhere but Protean Logic makes available a data driven web server that can be used by registered manufacturers to host and organize their update images.
  4. A web resource to allow the downloading of the FWUpdater programs and the PSU update images.
  5. Manufacturers also need another program called FWUImageGen.exe which is used to create the PSU files from the actual firmware object files of devices.
  6. Manufacturers may also supply hardware options for cabling to their devices. If special drivers are needed for this link, those drivers will also need to be supplied to users.

The data driven web resource provided by Protean Logic is located at:


The login portal for manufacturers is located at:


If you are a manufacturer interested in using the FWUpdate system for a device that you make, please email protean at: sales@protean-logic.com. Provide contact information and we will get back with you about specifics as soon as we can. Keep in mind that use of the FWUpdate system does require a good amount of facilitation by your device hardware and current firmware. It also will require rigorous discipline in version management and documentation.


Web Site Updated: 01/17/2009