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TICkit Mini-Computers........

Development Tools

TICkit 83/84

TICkit 63/74

TICkit 62

TICkit 57

Peripheral Processor ICs....


RSB 509/6505

Peripheral I/O Modules.......

Smart Media Flash Drive

Seiko Graphic LCD

Lumex Graphic LCD

Logic Capture Module

RC Servo Controller

H-Bridge AMP

1.2-5V Power Supply

Alpha Serial LCD

Serial to Parallel

Board Level Devices.............

Model Rocket Altimeter

5 Point LED Star

Relay I/O Controller

6x8 LED Large Signage

Signage Matrix Controller

Instrument Display

Child's Vehicle Controller

Customizable Products.......

 Power Line Backup

Logic Analyzer

Alphatone telephone Aid

Component Shop..................

MRP Online Software .....


Protean Logic Product Overview

Protean Logic specializes in small computers, called "micro-controllers" that are designed to be embedded into larger products. Protean's micro-controllers use the FBasic programming language and a dialect of Microchip PIC assembly language. This hybrid combination of simple structured basic and flexible machine language create an extremely powerful platform that is small and surprisingly easy to learn and use. Protean Logic supports customers with a variety of TICkit and TICkit based products as listed below:

In addition to our micro-controllers and their tools, we sell peripheral ICs and peripheral modules that can be used with virtually any controller. These monolithic solutions are a great way to instantly add capability to existing designs. Serial buffers, graphic drivers and serial to parallel converters can make an arduous task simple... at very little cost.

We also offer more finished products which are great ways to get involved in the micro-processor revolution at more of an analyst level as opposed to an engineering level. These products are sold either as populated circuit boards or fully enclosed products. However, they all are based upon the TICkit technology and can be easily modified or expanded upon as you gain inspiration.

Finally, we have a small component store where you can purchase parts for your projects that can be difficult to source or buy. These are components that have proved useful in many TICkit projects. Take a look at our offering to see if there are any solutions for your designs there. 

You may use the product hierarchy links on the left product bar to find the controller, controller based device, or component that you are looking for. You can also use the magnifying glass site search located in the upper left corner of every page to find all data on a related topic contained in this site. You can also search our store's product database by category, manufacturer, or part number



TICkit Mini-computers

TICkit mini-computers are the heart of your project. These devices are specially programmed PIC processors that execute FBasic programs. These devices are amazingly easy to use and amazingly powerful. TICkits can be purchased as individual ICs or in supporting hardware and software bundles.

  1. FBasic language programs

  2. Internal Token storage - Programs up to 7K can be stored inside the TICkit IC.

  3. External Token storage - Programs up to 64K can be stored on external EEproms.

  4. RAM memory variable and stack space. Up to 244 bytes available

  5. Internal user written assembly language routines

  6. Simple programming interface using a Windows PC.

  7. Interrupt capability and multi-threading.

  8. Originally designed as an alternative to the Basic Stamp.  See TICkit vs. Stamp

RSB509 series/RSB6505

Peripheral Processor ICs

Protean's peripheral processor ICs are processors with a fixed program. These devices are monolythic solutions ready to solve common problems encountered in embedded applications.

  1. RSB serial buffers capture serial stream data and store it until a host processor (TICkit, BASIC STAMP, etc) is ready to process the data. This lets your host take care of business and still not miss any serial data from other non synchronized sources.

  2. Xtender devices are a bunch of peripheral capability in a single package. It connects to the host via an I2C bus protocol. In this device you gain buffered RS232, additional memory, additional digital I/O, additional PWM outputs, A/D inputs and more.

Peripheral Processor Modules

Protean's peripheral modules are more complex solutions than just ICs. These devices usually use a TICkit as the processing power and have a pre-written program to interface the real world to another host. Examples of this type of solution are the Graphic LCD module and the Smart Media Flash drive. Source code is provided for TICkit based modules so that you can modify the operation of the modules to suite your particular situation if you require special capabilities.

  1. 128 x 64 pixel Graphic LCD module

  2. 40 x 4 character Alpha-numeric LCD module

  3. Smart Media flash memory drive supports cards to 512Mbyte.

  4. 8 channel logic capture pod.

  5. Serial to Parallel driver for simple printer port output.

Board Level Products

Protean's Board Level products are working subassemblies for inclusion in larger projects or for you to enclose and modify to suit your needs.

  1. 6 x 8 LED matrix, 6" high, serial (SPI) loadable

  2. Matrix controller for Signage like the 6 x 8 matrix above

  3. Barometeric Rocket Altimeter, dual event control, fits 19mm tube

  4. Instrument Display, 4x40 LCD, dual rotary controls

  5. Relay control board, SPDT relays, Solid State relays, isolated darlingtons

  6. Small Electric Vehicle control, Relay based, bi-directional with breaking

  7. 5 pointed star. Socketed for TICkit or Stamp Jumper.

Customizable TICkit Products

These products are complete, however have lots of room to grow. Use these as is or use your knowlege of TICkits to make these more powerful.

  1. Alpha-tone, Telephone communication device for the deaf or hard of hearing. 4x40 LCD screen decodes dialing key presses from distant partner. Auto expanding speed codes. Works great for getting numbers or hard to understand words.

  2. LineBacker AC inverter transfer switch. Use LARGE AGM lead acid batteries in conjunction with low cost inverters to provide days of backup for your personal or business computers. This thing works great and a single blackout can make up the cost.

  3. Logic Analyzer. This little battery operated tool can be a god send when you need to see what is going on at high speed. This device uses our 8 channel logic pods to capture high speed logic when a code is recognized or when a trigger pulse is produced. Then see the results on the 40x4 alpha LCD with custom characters displaying simple wave patterns. It is like having an 8 or 16 channel storage O-scope for all digital signals.

Component Shop

As a service to our customers, we stock a small selection of commonly used parts. These are parts that might be difficult to find but are key to a lot of TICkit projects.

  1. Crystals and resonators.

  2. EEprom and Memory

  3. Printed Circuit Boards

  4. Power supplies

  5. Interface, DAC, and ADC integrated circuits

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