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TICkit (and Hubbub) IDE Download


( 2-2-2018 )
Placed newer IDE tool in the download. Includes files that support Hubbub 78,79,98, and 99. New compiler supports FBASIC computer branch structure (BRANCHON, BRANCH, and ENDBRANCH).

The links below download executable files. When you execute these files on your system, they will expand into multiple files which are found on the TICkit IDE release CD. These files are only usually left in your computer's temporary directory. They can and should be detected after you install the TICkit IDE. Leaving them on your system takes drive space and will produce overwrite warning next time you download another version of the TICkit IDE. Protean has not placed certificates in the executable yet, so you may get a warning about running the download, but provided you download from this site, the program is genuine.

Once the executable has been run, it will have create and execute  a file called "setup.exe" along with the compressed images. Follow the instruction just like you would with any other Windows installation. This is a full featured install. Read the license information for specific license limits to the use of the TICkit IDE software.

This installation does not include the instruction manual for Windows nor the instruction manual for DOS. You may download them separately and place the resulting PDF files into the TICkit IDE directory.

Download TICkitIDE_G.exe wrapper Ver. 1.6

Revision History (partial):

( 2-2-2018 )    Result of many improvements many of which are likely not detailed here:
1. Added Segmented download capability for WAV file images etc.
2. Added support for later TICkit versions (T63, T74)
3. Added Assembly language support in compiler for special assembly capable processor versions
4. Added support for Hubbub processors (H78, H79, H98, H99)
5. Compiler updated to support computed branch structure (BRANCHON, BRANCH, and BRANCHEND) used to create fast procedural tables like those commonly used in state engines.
6. Added updated manual
7. Added support files for Hubbub processors


( 9-13-2003 )    Contains fixes for the following bugs in previous versions:
1. Relational jumps allowed for mixed types for all TICkit devices. (62, 63, and 74 did not allow some mixed types)
2. Support for TICkit 63 and 74 through revision L of the interpreter.
Download TICkitIDEdl7.exe wrapper Ver. 1.4 (3Mbyte - 20 to 40 minutes on dialup internet connection)
Download tickitw.pdf TICkit IDE manual (5Mbyte 50 to 100 minutes on dialup internet connection)
Download tickitd.pdf TICkit DOS tools manual (500Kbyte 4 to 8 minutes on dialup internet connection)


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