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TICkit IDE Software EULA

Protean Logic inc. Grants use of the TICkit IDE program under the following terms. Protean Logic inc. has expressed these terms in plain English so that anyone can easily understand them.

1) The TICkit IDE program and concepts contained in it remain the property of Protean Logic inc. All copyright privileges are retained by Protean Logic Inc.

2) Users who are unlicensed, those who have not paid a license fee for the TICkit IDE, may use the TICkit IDE to maintain, compile, and download programs. They may not use the TICkit IDE to develop new programs or to extensively modify existing programs. The use granted here is for reasonable support of programs supplied to the unlicensed user through products or construction articles.

3) Users who have paid a license fee, may use all features of the TICkit IDE both for maintenance as well as new program development.

4) Licensed users may utilize this program on multiple computers, provided that only the licensed user is using the TICkit IDE for development.

5) Organizations which license the TICkit IDE may allow one developer use of the TICkit IDE at any one time. However, the program may be made available to multiple users provided only one person will be using the TICkit IDE to development new programs at one time.

6) Protean Logic inc. prohibits customers from disassembling or technically analyzing the TICkit IDE. If a user has questions about how something is accomplished in the TICkit IDE, Protean Logic inc. will supply the information provided no trade secrets are contained in the information. Protean Logic inc. will make this determination.

7) Licensed users may distribute the TICkit IDE software to anyone willing to abide by the terms of this license. The FBasic(TM) Language, Compiler, and associated Tools are protected under United States copyright law.


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