Considerations when Converting PBASIC Programs to FBASIC

Converting programs written in Parallax, Inc. PBASIC is not a trivial matter. How easy or difficult the conversion is depends a lot upon how well the PBASIC program was written initially. Even though FBASIC uses BASIC style key words, the languages are fundamentally different syntactically. The greatest area of difference is probably flow control. PBASIC uses jumps and labels to implement logic. FBASIC uses structured blocks to implement logic. Simple conversions can elect to use FBasic's GOTO and GOSUB directives and not convert the jumps to blocks. This prevents FBASIC from being able to check the structural integrity of the program, but this may not be an issue for PBASIC programs that have proven themselves already.

Conversion breaks into a few basic steps. Each step may be quite involved, but the process in simple.


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