TICkit vs. Stamp Comparison

Hardware Comparison

Hardware Attribute Stamp I Stamp II TICkit 57 TICkit 62
General Purpose I/O lines 8 16 16 16
Internal RAM (Variable Space) 16 bytes 26 bytes 48 bytes 96 bytes
Maximum EEprom Space 256 bytes 2048 bytes 65535 bytes 65535 bytes
Maximum Program Space 256 bytes 2048 bytes 32768 bytes 32768 bytes
8 bit Counter/Timer no yes yes yes
Interrupt Capability no no yes yes
8/4 bit buss emulation no no yes yes
8 and 16 bit integer math yes yes yes yes
32 bit signed integer math no no yes yes
400K bps I2C buss no no yes yes
Available in 4mhz version yes no yes yes
Available in 20mhz version no yes yes yes
Prototyping Area additional* additional* 1" by 2" additional*
Regulator Power 100 ma 100 ma 1 amp max No Regulator
Regulator quiescent current 1 ma 1 ma 20 ma n/a
Interpreter IC availability 20 pin PDIP none 28 pin PDIP 28 pin PDIP
Normal Package 14 pin SIP 24 pin DIP 2" by 2" PCB 40 pin DIP
EEprom Sockets none none two 8 pin one 8 pin
EEprom Write Protect no no yes yes
Processor Socketed no no yes no
Processor Clock Source resonator resonator crystal crystal
I2C serial port no no 100 or 400kbps 100 or 400kbps

*Stamps are sold as small SIP and DIP modules.

Carrier boards with prototype area can be purchased separately as listed above in pricing and packages comparison.

Pricing and Packages Comparison

Package Attribute Stamp I Stamp II TICkit 57 TICkit 62
Development Kit Free* $99 $45 $45
..Download Cable no yes yes yes
..9v battery connection no no yes yes
..Wall mount power supply no no yes yes
..Printed Manual no yes yes yes
..Parts for simple circuits no no yes yes
..Compiler & Download Software no yes yes yes
..Network Acquisition Software no no yes yes
Basic Unit Price $34 $49 $49 to $65 $45
Prototype Board $15 $20 Included $20
Unit with Prototype Area $49 $69 $49 to $65 $65

*Stamp I software and manual are available from the Parallax BBS at no charge.

A $99 package can be purchased for the STAMP I which includes a manual and download cable.

Language and Library Comparison

Language Attribute Stamp I Stamp II TICkit 57 TICkit 62
Built-in BASIC Token Interpreter yes yes yes yes
Structured Flow Control no no yes yes
Speed (approx. relative to stamp I) 100% 250% 300% 300%
Code Compatible with Stamp I yes yes no no
Strongly Typed Variables no no yes yes
User Defined Functions no no yes yes
Local Variables no no yes yes
Subroutine Parameter Passing no no yes yes
Function overloading no no yes yes
Compile-time Address Resolution no no yes yes
Multiple Library Support no no yes yes
Console Connection parallel rs232 rs232 rs232
Interactive Debugging no no yes yes
Console numeric output no no yes yes
Console string output yes yes yes yes
Console numeric input no no yes yes
Console string input no no yes yes
String Manipulation no no yes yes
Variable Arrays no yes yes yes
EEprom Arrays no no yes yes
EEprom Structures no no yes yes
X-10 receive Capability no yes no no
Dual Tone output no yes no no
Real Time Ability no no limited limited
RS232 Emulation 2400 baud 9600 baud 19.2K baud 19.2K baud
Parallel Pin routines no no yes yes
44780 LCD module support no no yes yes
Single Step Program Execution no no yes yes
Variable Watch Points no no Globals Globals
Break Points no no yes yes
Fixed Point math routines no no yes yes
SIN, COS no limited limited limited
Increment & Decrement Ops no no yes yes

*X-10 protocol as well as other industry standard protocols will be supported in future I2C peripheral ICs

*The TICkit does not contain trigonometric functions. However, lookup tables are easily implemented using EEprom Arrays.


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