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TICkit 63 Single Board Computer
 (Part Number: T63H256J-SBC)



Protean Logicís TICkit 63 Single Board Computer (SBC) is an excellent prototyping platform for durable wire wrapped or point-to-point soldered circuits. The 63 SBC contains an affordable, proven nucleus to build your project around.  Eliminate time consuming setup and debugging.  When you apply power to the 63 SBC you know it is working and ready for programming. Many projects get hung up at the initial step of getting the processor up and running. With the 63 SBC, the initial step is already accomplished and the TICkit processor can be used to assist in debugging the rest of your projectís circuitry.

The TICkit 63 FBasic interpreter, the core of the TICkit 63 SBC, works with Proteanís TICkit IDE software to create at rapid development system.  Programs are created with FBasic, a powerful yet simple proprietary programming language. Using Proteanís extensive library of pre-written TICkit functions, developers have programming opportunities that would otherwise have been time consuming or beyond their area of expertise. These capabilities combine to enable the developer to add sophisticated features to any project with ease.

To program the TICkit 63 SBC you will need the TICkit Development Kit, which contains the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software and a download cable. The IDE is a program editor, compiler, debugger, and technical reference combined into a single program. The editor allows multiple edit windows which facilitates the use of libraries and program models. The compiler, a high speed optimizing tokenizer, resolves addresses and reports syntactical or grammatical program errors at compile time. The debugger boasts source level tracing of program execution, variable watch points, program break points, and other advanced debugging methods.


TICkit 63 Single Board Computer

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