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TICkit 63 Prototyping Laboratory
 (Part Number: T63H256J-LAB)



Protean Logicís TICkit 63 prototyping laboratory is a solderless breadboard attached to a TICkit 63 connect point printed circuit board. This is a convenient platform for prototype, experimental, or educational projects. The PCB power supply provides +5vdc regulated and +/- 9vdc unregulated output for RS232 or split rail analog circuitry. PCB also includes an RS232 connector with line buffer, socketing for up to 128K bytes of EEprom, and a socket for an IBM keyboard (PCAT).

The TICkit 63 interpreter is the core of the laboratory. The FBasic TICkit63 is a convenient platform for rapid development requiring only Windows 9X, Proteanís TICkit IDE software, and a serial port. Programs are written in FBasic, a powerful yet simple proprietary programming language. Using Proteanís extensive library of pre-written TICkit functions, developers have programming opportunities that would otherwise have been time consuming or beyond their area of expertise. These capabilities combine to enable the developer to add sophisticated features to any project with ease.


TICkit 63 Prototyping Laboratory

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